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We can do more together.

Our programs provide relief, connection, and resources to our students. 

Join us

and make

an impact.

Become a mentor or volunteer and help us defeat chronic absenteeism. 

Sponsors carry the bulk of our financial support. They truly see the vision and use their resources to fulfill The Konnection's needs. If you are ready to join us, become a sponsor.

Help us reach 2.2 million students

Become a sponsor

Increase access to quality after school programs

Increase access to quality after school programs

Improve attendance rates

Improve math and reading scores

Improve graduation rates

Improve school climate / culture

No mission

is complete

without goals.

See our current goals and find out how you can support us.

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Thank you to our sponsors.

Sponsor Highlight

We gave our students a big surprise for 2022. Everyone with perfect attendance received...

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