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From Flyer to
Family Bonds:
Lkeisha's Konnection Journey

In the fall of 2022, Lkeisha, a resilient single mother of four, stumbled upon a life-changing opportunity when her daughter brought home a Konnection Klub flyer. The promise of a new after-school program launching at her daughter's school sparked excitement in their household. Eager to provide her children with enriching experiences, Lkeisha swiftly filled out the application, enrolling her daughter in the free after-school mentoring program offered by The Konnection.


To her delight, the program exceeded her expectations. Not only did it have a remarkable impact on her daughter's attendance, transforming it from 50% to an impressive 90% by the end of the 2022-23 academic year, but it also proved to be a valuable resource for parents. Through her connection with The Konnection, Lkeisha discovered ways to better support her children and strengthen her bonds with them on a deeper level.

Embracing the sense of community fostered by The Konnection, Lkeisha became more than a beneficiary—she became a volunteer and was awarded the 2022-23 Konnection Parent of The Year. Her involvement extended beyond the academic year, as she accompanied the children on their summer trip to Atlanta. This experience allowed her not only to strengthen her relationship with her own kids but also to form meaningful connections with other children in the club.


Gratitude filled Lkeisha's heart as she reflected on the transformative impact The Konnection had made on her family. From essential programs and resources to the nurturing of genuine relationships, The Konnection had become a pillar of support. Inspired by the positive change, Lkeisha eagerly enrolled her second oldest daughter, now a sixth-grader, into the program.


One of the cherished memories etched in Lkeisha's heart was the moment her oldest daughter received a special treat—a meeting with Detroit Pistons legend, Isaiah Thomas. This honor was bestowed upon her daughter as recognition for the most improved attendance during the school year. The Konnection not only shaped academic success but also created unforgettable moments that strengthened the bonds within Lkeisha's family, making The Konnection a true source of gratitude and connection.


Since becoming a part of The Konnection, Lkeisha took a courageous step in her personal journey—she enrolled back into school to complete her GED. The program's impact extended beyond her children, empowering Lkeisha to pursue her educational aspirations and further exemplifying the transformative influence of The Konnection in her life. 

P.S.: L'Keisha is now a part of The Konnection's staff!!!! 

From Flyer to
Family Bonds:
Lkeisha's Konnection Journey

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