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The Konnection, launched in March 2020, faced delays due to the pandemic and officially commenced its programming in August 2022 with the inaugural Back to School Klap In at Durfee Elementary Middle School. Since then, over 700 youth have been served by the organization. Founded by Detroit native Sharnese Marshall, who lives by the principle "to whom much is given, much is required," The Konnection draws inspiration from her childhood and attributes its impact to the loving upbringing, active parents and family support she received.

Reflecting on a personal experience from first grade, Sharnese recalls her mother's compassion when she discovered Sharnese couldn't read. Devoting the entire summer to support her, Sharnese's mother ensured she returned for second grade with the ability to read. This transformative experience fuels The Konnection's mission to provide every child with the same love and support. The organization is driven by a narrative of love, support, and the belief that every child deserves the chance to thrive.

Sharnese shares a poignant childhood memory highlighting the profound impact of love and support on a child's life. Her mother's dedication to her education instilled confidence and resilience, serving as a reminder of the substantial influence unwavering support can have on a child. The Konnection aspires to extend this level of care, intentionality, support, and guidance to children nationwide.

No mission

is complete

without goals.

See our current goals and find out how you can support us.

Increase access to quality after school programs

Increase access to quality after school programs

Improve attendance rates

Improve math and reading scores

Improve graduation rates

Improve school climate / culture

Sharnese's family is deeply woven into the fabric of our values, embodying a lifestyle built on service, mutual support and placing family at the forefront. Presently, The Marshall family remains actively engaged in every Konnection event, constituting our formidable "dream team." Our longstanding tradition of collective service has roots in our childhood, spanning from distributing hats and gloves to the homeless during Christmas to purchasing gifts for children with incarcerated parents. Service is not just a part of our family identity; it is also integral to the mission of our organization.

"Service is not just a part of our family identity; it is also integral to the mission of our organization."

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