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Sharnese Shines a Light:
A Journey of Dedication & Inspiration

In October 2023, the CEO of The Konnection, Sharnese, found herself standing in the spotlight, honored and humbled as the recipient of the prestigious Dave Bing Young Leader Shining Light Award. The nomination, put forth by Sachse Construction, was a testament to Sharnese's unwavering dedication to Detroit's youth—a commitment that set her apart as a shining example of leadership.


Sharnese's selection by the Regional Cooperation Awards selection committee marked a pinnacle moment as she graciously accepted the award on the grand stage on October 5th. As she stood there, she couldn't help but reflect on a poignant childhood memory that had forever shaped her journey.

In her heartfelt speech, Sharnese took the audience back to a vulnerable moment from her youth. She recounted a time when her mother discovered her in tears, the reason unclear to the concerned parent. It was then that Sharnese admitted to her mother that she was crying because she couldn't read. Her mother's response was a warm embrace, coupled with an unwavering commitment to her daughter's learning journey.


Throughout that entire summer break, Sharnese's mother dedicated herself to bridging the gap in her daughter's reading skills. The tireless effort was fueled by a mother's love, ensuring Sharnese would return to the classroom not only with improved literacy but also with newfound confidence and capability.


As Sharnese accepted the Dave Bing Young Leader Shining Light Award, she shared this personal story with the audience, emphasizing the transformative power of genuine support. It was this very essence that fueled Sharnese's vision for The Konnection—an organization driven by the belief that every child across the nation should feel the unwavering encouragement and support she experienced in her formative years.


In closing, Sharnese declared her mission for The Konnection: to be a beacon of light for every child, providing not just resources and programs but genuine, heartfelt support. Her journey from a childhood struggle to a beacon of inspiration exemplified the transformative impact one person's commitment can have on an entire community. Through The Konnection, Sharnese sought to illuminate the path for countless young minds, ensuring that each child could experience the warmth of support and the power of education, just as she had in that pivotal summer so many years ago. Watch video.

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