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A Message From Our CEO

Oftentimes people ask me, “What’s your story?”; “What's your 'why'?” And the truth is, my story is a beautiful one! I was very blessed to grow up in a very loving + supportive household with two phenomenal parents and amazing siblings. I was involved in every sport and activity under the sun, from ice skating to softball. I traveled frequently, went to church every Sunday and experienced so many amazing things during my childhood! School came easy to me and I rarely missed any days of school, but that wasn't the case for many kids around me.


It wasn't until college when I realized my family structure was very rare and unique. Many kids weren't as fortunate as I was. I didn't endure traumatic experiences--from broken families, to unstable living conditions, to abuse and lack of support--like so many other kids around me.


These examples, kids who do not have it as easy as I did, are my "why"! I do it for them! I do it because God created me for this and has equipped me with the gift to konnect with kids on a different level. 

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